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Wood Caskets

We have many wood casket styles available either in pine, poplar, maple, oak, mahogany wood. If you have a particular model or design you are looking for, simply contact us for a price quote.

Custom wood caskets can be made in your choice of wood with a 72 hours notice. Custom wood models are available in selected styles and species. Just call us first!

Price Ranges

Adult Caskets from $895.00 to $6495.00
Child Caskets from $395.00 to $1495.00

***Call for current pricing, we will call you back with a quote.***



burlington pine casketBURLINGTON PINE
This is our one of our least expensive wood caskets (that has metal hardware), but it is tasteful and many families have proudly purchased it.  It comes in various colors, its typically crepe interior can always be replaced with velvet for those who so desire.  This solid pine casket is stained red mahogany and highly polished.

Crepe / Velvet

mansfield poplar casketMANSFIELD POPLAR
Our basic poplar casket has the simple dignity that many people desire.  It is stained terra cotta with highly polished panels.  Even though it lacks beading and fancy corners it is solid wood and remains attractive.

Crepe / Velvet

our lady of guadalupe pine casket LADY OF GUADALUPE
Especially popular among the Latin community, this casket is solid pine and has the Lady of Guadalupe in antique gold at its corners.  Its panels are highly polished and its wood is stained red mahogany.

Crepe / Velvet

marin poplar casketMARIN POPLAR
Solid poplar and very refined, the honey maple colored casket is perfect for people who love light woods. Its plain unembossed lugs and column corners of solid maple give it a graceful appearance. 

Crepe / Velvet

westchester maple casketWESTCHESTER MAPLE
Stained dark honey, this casket suits ladies or gentlemen when a petite looking casket is desired.  Its octagon shape gives an illusion of delicacy, yet a medium size adult can easily fit inside.  It has urn corners and a very old which grants an appearance of fine antique furniture.

Crepe / Velvet

pieta poplar casketPIETA POPLAR
Perfect for the Christian/Catholic family that loves religious motif or for anyone who enjoys good Christian artwork, this casket has antique gold hardware, Last Supper lugs and Pieta corners.

Crepe / Velvet

bel-air poplar casketBEL-AIR POPLAR
This casket is solid poplar (stained with red mahogany) with highly polished panels.  It is exquisitel but priced moderately and includes corner columns of solid maple with pearl beading.  Its custom interior is made to meet familiesí requests.

Crepe / Velvet

traditional maple casketTRADITIONAL MAPLE
This solid maple casket (stained red mahogany) works wonderfully if one wants a distinguished look for a man or woman.  Its lugs and center panels are unembossed.  Its column corners and floral beading help bestow it with simple beauty.

Crepe / Velvet

roses maple casket (mahogany stain)ROSES MAPLE (MAHOGANY STAIN)
Embossed roses make this solid maple casket excellent for men and women with column corners and floral beading.

Crepe / Velvet

roses maple casket (dark honey stain)ROSES MAPLE (DARK HONEY STAIN)
This lightly colored casket is lovely for many women.  Floral beading and column corners add to its attractiveness.  Usually we include a garland of roses in its center and a pink velvet interior to grace it with an appearance of femininity. 

Crepe / Velvet

imperial maple casketIMPERIAL MAPLE
These carved grape vines give this fancy casket a very special elegance in honor of the dearly departed. With such intricate beading, a beige velvet interior and with six columns it contributes to its powerful beauty.

Crepe / Velvet

imperial maple casketJerico Pine
Completely orthodox (all wood - no metal) construction from high grade furniture pine.



opulent mahogany casketOPULENT MAHOGANY
This is our most ornate casket. Super elegant, it is superbly decorated with grapevine carvings, floral beadings, goblet corners. Even though it takes a much longer time to give mahogany its beautiful shine, when finally polished, this casket is well worth it. The Opulent Mahogany also includes a very elaborate beige velvet interior

Crepe / Velvet

Misleading Mahogany Claims!

Some websites say that they can supply a "solid mahogany" casket" for around $1000, but a word of caution, usually it means, only that their caskets are stained in a mahogany color! This seems confusing to people, who don't realize, because they can't see it, that the product is really made of a veneer, inferior wood or even particle board.


Shipping charges are extra, and vary based on time of need for delivery and area of United States. Most shipments are "door to door" per your instructions - usually to the funeral home you have chosen. The funeral home can NOT require you to be present upon delivery, but you may wish to monitor the delivery time and have them verify the arrival and condition. All caskets are guaranteed to your satisfaction.



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