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Cameo Portraits

A Cameo Porcelain Portrait can create a personal legacy when you add a Cameo Portrait to your memorial tribute. The state-of-the-art process ensures that the Porcelain Cameos retain their beauty indefinitely.

The cameo portraits are ideal for placement on crypt fronts.

Families can select steel-backed Porcelain Cameos for and inclusion on flush bronze memorials. These wafer-thin Cameo Portrait emblems can be mounted in integrally cast frames that can be applied to any bronze memorial design. The porcelain cameo and frame are no higher than cast bronze emblems.

Also offerered are miniature Portrait Cameos for placement on urns, crypt and niche plates as well as on niche fronts.

Cameos can be made from personal snapshots or professional portraits in either color or black and white. They are available in horizontal or vertical formats.

Matthews also offers steel-backed Cameos depicting the U.S. military emblems for placement on flush bronze memorials and crypt/niche fronts. On crypt or niche fronts, they can be used with Matthews' decorative bronze frames.

To order a ceramic porcelain photo download our order form, fill it out and either fax or mail it back to us.

Ceramic photos are a great enhancement to any memorial.

Place this photo on a crypt front

This photo could be laser cut into a granite marker or cast within a bronze memorial

This cover will both protect and enhance your cameo portrait

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