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Infant Grave Markers

Baby Grave Markers

Families have the opportunity to create a ceremony that acknowledges how important the loss of a baby was to them within their lives and within the community. By placing a baby grave marker on the grave of an infant will help to bring closure on the loss of a infant child. When placing a child grave marker you can personalize the grave marker with photos of the infant. Modern laser art can help you with the placement of photos on a baby grave marker.

Displaying collages of baby photos and mementos that were special to you can be very comforting, just like that “special moment” during the formal service--such as releasing balloons, doves, or lighting candles, can be comforting. Sharing ones memories is always appreciated as well.

The more involved that your families and friends participate in the memorialization process, the closer they will be to healing. The death of a loved one is not something to sit back and watch as it happens around us. It is a life event, much like the birth of a child or a marriage.

To fully participate is to bring meaning to the loss. "What we keep in memory is ours forever".

For more information on memorialization, please see our bronze and or granite grave marker section of our web site. If you wish to talk with one of our consultants you may call us toll free at 1.877.723.5677, we would be happy to personally help you arrange a very personalized memorial fitting for your loved one.


bronze teddy bear on a granite grave marker
Teddy Bear, a beautiful bronze grave marker on a granite base with a bronze flower vase. A very fitting bronze memorial for your young child that you loss.

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