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Granite Grave Markers



For more information on memorialization, please see our bronze and or granite grave marker section of our web site. If you wish to talk with one of our consultants you may call us toll free at 1.877.723.5677, we would be happy to personally help you arrange a very personalized memorial fitting for your loved one.



Memorialization is the remembrance a loved one either through a formal or informal ceremony. Sometimes it is a just a short moment of silence on special occasions--such as a birthday or an anniversary.

Other times, it can include special remembrance items, such as jewelry, trees, books, collections, etc. Each family will determine what may be helpful and important in remembering that special person who has left a void.

Memorialization can also means personalization. Just as each one of us is unique during our lives, at the time of death that difference should be remembered and celebrated.

Families have the opportunity to create a ceremony that acknowledges how important the loved one was within their lives and within the community. In the past, funeral services were often dictated often by religious ritual and distinct traditions--viewing's, wakes, church services, burials, etc..

These traditions in ceremony served as a way for us to acknowledge a persons death in a prescribed fashion.

Today, families are able to choose between traditional services, creating a completely personalized service--or combining the best of both. In particular, family members and friends are taking part in the formal services by offering either poems, readings, and or music.

Displaying collages of photos and mementos that were special to the deceased can be very comforting. Personalizing items of remembrance such as memorial folders with favorite passages, hymns, epitaphs or writings has become significantly important.

Creating just that “special moment” during the formal service--such as releasing balloons, doves, or lighting candles, can be comforting. Sharing ones memories is always appreciated as well. Most funeral homes and clergy are very willing to help families explore their options.

The more involved that grieving families and friends participate in the memorialization process, the closer they will be to healing. The death of a loved one is not something to sit back and watch as it happens around us. It is a life event, much like a birth or marriage.

To fully participate is to bring meaning to the loss. "What we keep in memory is ours forever".

These miniature granite grave marker samples can be
designed to almost any size you require. 

There are numerous granite color samples available in a variety of designs.






(Gothic Calligraphy)

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Ruby Red
Carved In Polish

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Georgia Gray
Deep Carved in
Sanded Panel

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Blue Pearl
(Century Italic)
Carved In Polish

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Blue Lagoon
Carved In Polish

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Deep Carved In
Sanded Panel

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(Roman/Century Italic)
Carved In Polish

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(Roman/Century Italic) Raised Polished

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(Gothic/Century Italic) Carved In Polish

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Blue Lagoon
Carved In Polished

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Forest Green
Carved In Polish Colorized Flowers

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(Roman Calligraphy) Carved In Polish

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Salsbury Pink

(Gothic Calligraphy) Carved In Polish
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(Roman Calligraphy) Carved In Polish

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Imperial (Gothic/Brushstroke) Raised Polish

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(Century Italic)
Carved In Polish

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