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Granite Colors

How to choose a granite color for the granite grave marker of your loved one. When selecting colors of granite try to visualize the granite color and design together.

Font types on certain granite colors do not work well. For instance a surface type font cut would not do well on a Salsbury Pink Granite, I would suggest a deep cut sanded panel.

Reason is, the lithochrome lettering will wear away, if not rehilited again a few years.

"Black" is the best choice of granite color to choose from in which a laser-etched photo picture can be added. The clarity in black granite can show very intricate detail. Black as a granite color is also helpful in designing custom logos.

You may select any one of our other granite colors if you are placing a ceramic photo on the marker. If using a ceramic photo, the granite stone is cut out for the ceramic photo to be adhered with an epoxy resin.

** Our Recommendation**

The following granite colors mentioned below, should be used with using deep "V" cut lettering.

Blue Pearl, Forest Green, Salsbury Pink,
Paradisio Violet, Rainbow, Sierra White


The Granite Colors will vary slightly depending on quarry extracted from, no two pieces of granite are exactly the same.




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ruby red granite sample mahogany granite sample   blue pearl granite sample forest green granite sample
Ruby Red      Mahogany      Blue Pearl      Forest Green
galaxy granite sample salsbury pink granite sample   black granite sample imperial granite sample
Galaxy Salsbury Pink     Premium Black    Imperial 
paradisio violet granite sample coral blue granite sample   carnation pink granite sample grc gray granite sample
Paradisio Violet Coral Blue   Carnation Pink GRC Gray
  pink rose granite sample   rubin red granite sample  
Pink Rose   Rubin Red  


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