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Custom Made Caskets



Custom Made Caskets
for your loved ones.

Give us your specifications and we'll give you a custom quote. A caskets length, width and depth are some of the variables.

Custom made caskets are made either for humans or for our pets.

Some choices to think about:

Are you looking for a special paint color for your loved ones casket?
Interiors for caskets are normally crepe, satin or velvet.
The hardware for caskets is normally swing bar or stationary handles.
The stains for the caskets depend on choice and wood type.

In helping you to decide whether you would want a custom casket, we will also need from you the following:

overall length of the person-head to toe, the width of a person-which is elbow to elbow with their hands laid on top of each other and finally the height of the person laid on their back-to the highest point of the stomach.

Caskets that are custom made, normally take two to three days to construct, plus appropriate shipping time to your destination.


Price Ranges

Custom Caskets Range From-- Call us for a Quote








Looking for books or music for planning a funeral
to help with the grieving loss of a loved one.

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