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Concrete Burial Vaults

Why is a burial vault needed?

In most cemeteries in the United States and Canada, cemeteries require the casket to be enclosed within either a burial vault or grave liner. There are vast differences in these two products. By definition a concrete burial vault is a lined and sealed unit that is specifically engineered to support the weight of the earth above the grave as well as the heavy equipment that passes over it.

The weight of the earth and heavy equipment used to dig graves far exceeds what an unprotected casket can withstand. A burial concrete vault which is made of specially formulated, reinforced concrete is designed to support the elements and more.

Concrete becomes stronger as it continues to cure with age after being placed in the ground; so a burial vault properly buried years ago could actually be stronger today.

Water-resistant, lined burial vaults are made to guard against impact and moisture. Burial vaults are made to exceed cemetery requirements for strength and rigidity.



How burial vaults work

The structural design of the burial vault supports the weight of the earth above the casket by:
1. The weight and design of the concrete vault
2. Use of reinforced concrete
3. The use of materials which are used for sealing and lining

The weight of the earth above a grave can exert tremendous pressure on the burial. Mechanical equipment, backhoes and delivery trucks can exceed 25,000 pounds as they pass over the grave. Burial vaults weigh between 2,300 and 2,700 pounds. They are designed to support these tremendous forces from above.

Some of the most important reinforcement in burial vaults lies in the vault cover. The covers of vaults employ primary and secondary reinforcement to help support the loads from above. In addition, the design of the concrete burial vault cover distributes pressure from above evenly over the vault surface. Additional reinforcement is placed in the concrete itself.

The use of lining and sealant materials places the most efficient resources available between the outside forces of weight and water and the burial casket that has been placed within. Linings and butyl seals merge the cover and base of the concrete vault into a water-resistant unit. They work together to keep the effects of outside elements from damaging the funeral casket and its contents.


This section is to help you make a wise decision and selection

of a outer burial concrete vault container for the burial of your loved one.


The "Cemetery" requires an outer concrete burial vault for

all burials place in the earth.


The various different types of concrete burial vaults are intended to help protect

the casket and to help keep your families grave from settling to much.

Depending on which concrete burial vault and the amount of protection you

wish will ultimately determine your cost.


**Due to the weight of a concrete burial vault, cost is prohibitive to
ship outside of the the immediate Los Angeles area.**



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This is how a concrete burial vault helps to support a grave from collapsing.
bronze gold  burial vault continental black burial vault

Bronze Vault
Color Bronze/Gold Concrete with ABS Trilon, 26 oz bronze liner

Continental Vault
Color Concrete/Black Concrete with ABS Marbelon

basic standard burial vault 

Monticello Vault
Color Concrete/Rusty Red Concrete with Strentex

Standard #5 Vault
Color Concrete/White Unlined/Nonsealed Non Protective




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