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Casket Plans

Coffins - Make your Own
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Build your Own Coffin Plans

Absolutely the finest and simplest set of plans, for someone inclined to woodworking or just handy with wood,to construct their own casket. The personalization of making a casket for a loved one has been reported to offer great satsifaction.

You will buy direct from the author, so just click on this link.

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Complete this beautiful full size casket in a short time. The plan provides a simple, economical and fulfilling alternative to buying a manufactured casket.

Build this beautiful casket using the detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions that come with this plan. Using our decorative hardware (sold separately), you can personalize the design- or make your own out of wood.

This plan includes all the details you need to build the casket shown. Let 40 years of experience go to work for you in your shop.

You get:

Full size patterns for all shaped pieces

Detailed exploded view

Step by step instructions

Complete material list

Elevation drawings

This plan is recommended for intermediate or advanced woodworkers.

(Product Code RCKLR) $14.99

Do-it-Yourself Coffins Book

Learn all the tools and techniques needed to build strong and beautiful coffins for pets and people.

Color photos illustrate every step in creating three coffins for pets and three for people. Several different box construction techniques are revealed. Includes detailed plans.

64 pages, soft cover.

Simply click on this link to get your own copy of plans:

Do-it-Yourself Coffin Plans

For a FREE complete woodworking catalog from Rockler, simply follow this link to receive yours:


(Product Code RCKLR) $14.95

Wooden Pet Coffins Plan

A labor of love - for those of us with the skills to build things out of wood, making a final resting place for a loved one can provide important resolution and closure.

These plans are purchased direct from the publisher, so simply click on the following link to purchase.

The link is:Wooden Pet Caskets Plan

It's easy to build these caskets using the detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions. To meet your needs, the plan comes with four casket sizes: large, medium, small and extra small.

For cemetery burial, please contact your local pet cemetery for their standards and requirements.

The plans include instructions on how to make four sizes of caskets.

Small - suitable for small birds and hamsters - 4-1/2'' High x 7-1/2'' Wide x 4-3/4'' Deep

Medium - for small cats and dogs - 13'' High x 19'' Wide x 10-1/4'' Deep

Large - for bigger cats and medium sized dogs - 14-5/8'' High x 28-1/4'' Wide x 20-1/4'' Deep

Extra Large - for big dogs like retrievers and labs - 19'' High x 36'' Wide x 24'' Deep

The Small casket does not require any additional hardware.

To receive your very own FREE Rockler Wood Working Catalog full of great plans, tools, and other specialty items, simply go to this link and ask for one.


(Product Code RCKLR) $9.99

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